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Dr Tim Gourlay has over 15 years of experience as a ship hydrodynamics researcher and consultant.

His past commercial projects include:

Mooring analysis

  • Full-scale mooring trials, analysis and modelling for Port of Geraldton (client: Mid West Ports Authority)
  • Mooring analysis for Port of Oakajee concept designs
  • Wind, current and passing ship loading on moored capesize bulk carriers at Port Hedland (client: AECOM)
  • Wind, current and wave loading calculations for Dampier Floating Deck with moored vessels (client: Apache)

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Under-keel clearance (UKC)

  • UKC management for Wheatstone LNG terminal (client: Chevron)
  • UKC management for Barrow Island LNG terminal (client: Chevron)
  • Ship motion RAOs for UKC in New Zealand ports (client: MetOcean Solutions)
  • Full-scale UKC trials for Torres Strait (client: Australian Reef Pilots)
  • Full-scale trials and UKC management for Hong Kong (client: Hong Kong Marine Department)
  • Accident investigations for Capella Voyager, Eastern Honor and Jody F Millennium (client: Maritime Safety New Zealand)

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Wave-induced motions

  • WAMIT barge motion RAOs for Orcaflex modelling (client: FugroTSM)
  • Numerical modelling and full-scale trials to improve Solander's roll motions (Client: AIMS)
  • Patrol boat seakeeping trials (Client: BAE)

General hydrodynamics

  • Boat wake and wind wave trials on Swan River (client: Swan River Trust)
  • Flow-induced vibration trials on superyacht (client: Hanseatic)

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